Improve your footballing performance
Become a two-footed player

Rise to a higher level of football by practising with SenseBall

Thanks to its specific design and related exercises, a player who practises with SenseBall makes an average of 500,000 touches of the ball in a season, whereas it is calculated that a professional footballer, in all of the matches and training sessions in which he participates, makes a maximum of 50,000 touches of the ball per season.

SenseBall optimizes players’ bilateral activity (left/right and forwards/backwards) as it enables them to perform, either alone or in a group (therefore rhythmically), various different exercises. The basic principle is to constantly alternate between left and right foot, thus ensuring myelination (the recording of information in the long-term memory). The practice of SenseBall enables developing specific skills for football, reacting more quickly and gaining in rhythm. It improves the performance of all sportspeople by making their leg movements quicker and more varied.
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Right from the start SenseBall provides the following benefits:

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“Players must react more quickly. Each moment, each action must be applied more quickly. Think more quickly, act more quickly, that’s the game of the future.”

- Valeri Lobanovsky.
• Perfect ambidextrous performance (two-footed player)
• Better mastery and control of the ball thanks to repetition (myelin)
• Greater precision in moving with and controlling the ball
• Improved perception, coordination and timing
• Improved attention and concentration (rhythm influences cognitive aptitude)
• Improved group work and learning (team building)
• Develops autonomous, self-regulated learning
• Increases sensitivity to acoustic signals (sonification, the sound of the touch of the ball)
• Forms the correct body positions for football
• Prevents the development of postural problems (fewer chronic injuries)
• Trains players’ kinesthetic ability (millions of touches of the ball)
• Retrieval models and structures help the brain to learn better and more quickly
• Awareness of the importance of rhythm when learning new skills
• Improvement of each movement by visualizing it better
- Have a clear image of the movement in the brain before putting it into practice
- The quicker you can imagine something, the quicker you can perform it properly
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Other benefits of practising with SenseBall

Practising with SenseBall is also useful for anticipating (and therefore preventing) “brain shutdown”. A certain number of exercises are based on the construction of new neural pathways to ensure that the learning process is optimal and to improve physical and mental performance.

Our experience has shown that young players love training with the SenseBall football ball. Traditional warm-ups, that they usually find boring, can be advantageously accompanied or substituted by a SenseBall session. After fifteen minutes’ practice they will already have touched the ball between 1,000 and 1,500 times.

Finally, SenseBall has the advantage that it can be used during a rehabilitation period. For numerous cases of injury, the player can keep his muscles toned and refine his technique, indoors or out, with less risk of aggravating his injury.

All of these benefits are obtained thanks to SenseBall and by doing online exercises to which you have access automatically through your private account when you purchase SenseBall.