Intellectual property

Senseball Holding SA and its related entities have significantly invested in the protection of their intellectual property and are the owners of various trademarks, registered designs, copyrights, patents and patent applications in relation to the CogiTraining method and the SenseBall product. These intellectual property rights include:

  1. TRADEMARKS – The “SenseBall” and “CogiTraining” names and logos are protected by registered trademarks in classes 09, 25, 28, 41 in the following territories:

    Senseball : Benelux TM n° 919011; Canadian TM n° LMC 888380; International registration n° 1143034 covering China, the European Union, Russia and the USA.

    Senseball : Benelux TM n°919012; International registration n° 1143035 covering China, the European Union, Russia.

    SENSEBALL” : TM applications in China filed on June 28, 2017: applications n° 25033218 (class 9), 25033219 (class 25), 25033220 (class 28) and 25033217 (class 41).

    盛斯球” (transliteration of SENSEBALL): TM registration in China n°2524162.

    COGITRAINING” : Benelux TM n°915057; Canadian TM n° LMC 879188; International registration n°1132881 covering China, the European Union, Russia and the USA.

    客极练”  (transliteration of COGITRAINING): TM registration in China n°2524163.
  2. REGISTERED DESIGN RIGHTS – The SenseBall product, handle and connexion means on the ball are all protected by registered Community designs in the territory of the European Union (designs 001404818-0001 and 1391403-0001/0002).
  3. COPYRIGHT – The CogiTraining method and materials, including without limitation the CogiTraining audiovisual content, the SenseBall brochures, the CogiTraining and SenseBall logos, the CogiTraining audiovisual content and the content of the website, are protected by copyright and may not be copied, disclosed, communicated, reproduced, uploaded, transmitted, sold, altered, or commercially used, in any way, in any form and on any medium, without the prior written approval of Senseball Exploitation SA.
  4. PATENTS and PATENT APPLICATIONS - Senseball Holding SA is the owner of registered patents and of patent applications covering the SenseBall product in several countries among which China (CN 201480068434.3), Europe (EP14805631.0), Luxembourg (LU 92322), the USA (U.S. Patent No. 10,507,371), Australia (AU 2014359362), Brazil (BR 112016012439-1), Canada (CA 2931987), Japan (JP 6480448) and Mexico (MX/A/2016/007166).

All these rights are reserved. For more information about the intellectual property rights of Senseball Holding SA, please contact us.