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Michel Bruyninckx

Michel Bruyninckx

Michel Bruyninckx has spent most of his working life in the world of teaching and professional football. Michel has trained and counselled numerous young footballers who are now professionals and has taken numerous courses at the Belgian Football Federation’s trainers’ school. Michel Bruyninckx has also been involved in research into motor functioning and sports psychology at the University of Leuven. As a specialist in coordination and running, he was invited by the UEFA to train Europe’s top referees.

As a researcher, practitioner, speaker and author of articles on brain-focused training, Michel Bruyninckx has also given several courses to physiotherapists, teachers of children with learning difficulties and Special Olympics trainers/coaches. His research, his specialization and his experience in the field have allowed him to devise and refine the CogiTraining training method as well as the practice of SenseBall.

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Senseball Exploitation S.A., in collaboration with Michel Bruyninckx, based on his experience and specialization, have fine-tuned the football training ball SenseBall, the essential tool of the CogiTraining training method.

Senseball Exploitation S.A. is the company responsible for the technical development and the quality of the current version of SenseBall on sale on this website here today, as well as the exercise videos to which you will have private access when you purchase SenseBall. Senseball Exploitation S.A. also undertakes SenseBall marketing and customer care.

We have entrusted the development of this web site to Ginette, a web agency located in Lille (France). The storage and international distribution of SenseBall, both toward individuals and toward sport associations and football clubs are insured by the company LogVad located in Mouscron (Belgium). The carrier chosen for the delivery is landmark global, the international division of bpost, Belgium's national postal service.