SenseBall challenge on BeIN SPORTS l'Expresso

BeIN SPORTS program L'Expresso has challenged us! The result is a success. Great demonstration by Bertrand Antoine, in charge of preliminary training in FC Metz. Bertrand shows us some of the benefits of practising with SenseBall.

"Between 2000 and 2011, some 200 players (140 boys and 60 girls) aged 12 to 18 were trained using the CogiTraining method, including the use of SenseBall, within the framework of the sports research study in association with the University of Leuven in Belgium.

At the start, these children were not exceptional, either technically or athletically speaking. They were simply young players from the area who were passionate about football and played football in small local clubs at weekends.

However, today 20% of the players that make up the core of the men’s Belgian national squad and 50% of the female players that are core members of the women’s national team have come from this sports study training."
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